Why Scanfil

Quality, technological perfection, reliability, open communication as well as a solution-oriented approach: That’s what makes us unique.  We are inspired by and passionate about electronics.  Altogether this produces a partnership which lives from the acting people.  Mostly we accompany our customers over a period of many years, sometimes even decades.  We understand their needs, we have grown along with their requirements and we cooperate successfully.
E2MS Electronics Engineering and Manufacturing Services: development, industrialisation, manufacturing and comprehensive service in material procurement, certification and after-sales: This is what we stand for.

Our Services

We offer exactly the services which our customers need to be successful with their product.  Doing so we also cover all value adding areas within the product lifecycle, if this is desired.  Our customers define the best addition to their own processes and where exactly the interface between them and us is located.  No matter if you are looking for a manufacturing partner or if you want us to develop your product, we are your perfect fit.


Our Moral Values

To us, a business partnership means much more than just the technical implementation of an order.  We have defined key values that turn a contractual relationship into a partnership and we put them into practice in every business relation.  These values distinguish us from the rest and represent the answer to the question: Why Scanfil?


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