Medical Technology

The user of medical technology products is also a patient.  With this bearing in mind we acknowledge our special responsibility for the quality and reliability of these products.  The quality management system  for our processes is DIN EN ISO 13485-certified.

Our customers come from the areas:

  • prosthetics
  • hearing aids
  • blood processing and blood analysis
  • emergency call systems for hospitals

Home Automation

The demand for comfort in our surroundings is rising, new applications and possibilities are being added.  The growing number of helpers in the area of home automation control the manifold functions of our home and workplace.

Our customers come from the areas:

  • Venetian blinds, roller shutters and climate control
  • time control
  • smart metering
  • climate sensors


Measuring states and conditions exactly is the precondition to controlling and adjusting complex processes.  Sensor application were given an additional boost with the dissemination of the „industry 4.0“ approach.

Our customers come from the areas:

  • vacuum- and pressure sensors
  • position-, distance- and angle measurement technology
  • optical sensor technology

Safety- and Access Technology

The demand for data safety and safe physical access rises along with the requirements for an easy management of these systems.  Electronic payment systems and modern person identification technology are increasingly conquering the market.  Our production environment is designed and certified according to the Common Criteria directives.

Our customers come from the areas:

  • locking systems
  • physical access control
  • production and inspection of official documents
  • chip card reader

Information Technology

The demand for fast data transmission and easy access to each and every room is growing along with the increasing spectrum of possibilities.  Our daily life is coined by the permanent possibility to communicate over long distances and to have full data access at any time.

Our customers come from the areas:

  • Fast data transmission systems, fiberglass coupling
  • telephone- and data networks in buildings

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