Transparent Costs

Placing a product successfully requires a cost structure in line with market conditions.  The majority thereof is already established during the development of a product: By choosing the best possible component, a high-level automation for the required manufacturing technologies and by the chance of creating competition in the field of component procurement.  We have created all the necessary tools to perfectly support these processes.  When creating costs this optimisation needs transparency.  This is what we offer our customers in order to find the optimum solution together.

Open Book Costing

To actively shape costs requires to see where they occur.  For our customers we transparently draw up a product’s cost structure.  In doing so we will come to an optimum result by specifically negotiating key elements, optimising cost intensive work cycles or by coordinating standard production- and pack quantities.

Preferred Parts List

The price of a product is mainly determined by the material used.  Thus the designing of a product already affects its later manufacturing costs.  During the developing stage we make our inventory of preferred parts available to you and analyse key elements regarding alternative suppliers and product life cycle.  This way we are able to reduce costs by making us of volume effects and we can improve the logistical availability.  We can avoid costly redesigns and retraining loops because a potential obsolescence is esteemed at the earliest possible stage.

Strategic Purchasing Negotiations

The market for components is constantly evolving.  It is important for our customers to participate in any positive development in cost structures.  This is where our strategic purchasing comes into play.  By regularly negotiating our portfolio we make sure to participate in improvements at any given moment.  Customers with a smaller purchase volume benefit from our position in the procurement market

Design for Manufacturing

With the help of a few small changes it is often possible to replace costly and error-prone manual operations by efficient manufacturing processes in automated production lines.  This is one of our strengths.  We consult and accompany you with the design during the stage of development and on the way to an optimised product and provide the developers with detailled desing-rules for the manufacturing processes.

Productivity Management

Constantly striving to improve the manufacturing costs of products is part and parcel of our daily work.  Our technological development adopts current trends in the advancement of machines, processes and materials and thus makes sure that our production continually complies with the state of the art.  A specialised team systematically examines products and manufacturing processes according to their capability and implements these together with our customers.

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