Reliability forms the basis of a   viable business relationship.  Within our project management and order processing we adhere to our commitments –  By proactively planning, analysing influencing factors and measuring milestones which at large represent the overall success.  This secures a maximum of on-time deliveries.

On Schedule

Our services form a part of cross-linked business relations. Thus timeliness and adhering to deadlines are the focus of our attention when serving you.  During development and industrialisation our project managers make sure that the promised deadlines will be monitored and met.  The customer focus teams, who check the processing of your orders regarding major milestones, will then take over this responsibility throughout the series stage.  You will be involved and informed at all times so that you always know the status of your order – even and in particular upon the occurrence of unforseen obstacles.

Supply Chain Management

Meeting deadlines is no coincidence.  In cooperation with you we analyse the requirements of your market environment. You are a supplier in project business or you sell your products on a regular basis? Which response times do your customers expect of you and what measures do you – as a customer – take to manage this? We will assist you to find and implement the best possible strategy in order to reach maximum availability with an acceptable commitment of capital.

Security Concepts

Playing a substancial role in our cusotmers‘ supply network we bear a considerable responsibility.  Thus we have conducted a comprehensive risk assessment of all our business processes and have taken appropriate measures such as: an emergency power system providing an autarkic power supply, redundant production facilities, the storage of critical spare parts, safety stocks of components or finished goods just to name a few.

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