High Quality Standards

Our customers expect us to deliver the very best quality imaginable.  Many of our products will be delivered directly to the end user.  We deliver appliances in medical technology, in the automotive industry as well as for high-security access monitoring and identity inspection.  This defines our responsibility and our aspiration. 


Quality prospers on the grounds of stable and fully-mastered processes interacting smoothly.  To guarantee this we use different methods from the APQP process during the stage of development and industrialisation, e.g. process FMEAs and measurement system analyses (MSA).  Key performance indicators (KPIs) will measure the stability of all processes during the full life cycle of the products  This includes process capability analyses, the First Pass Yield as well as repair- and failure rates.  With the help of the 8D approach we will assess and correct any deviations.  This PDCA-cycle is the precondition for us in order to meet our customers‘ demand in quality.

Test- and Measurement Systems

For the safeguarding of our manufacturing processes we implement cutting-edge measurement systems, for example with the fully automated paste inspection (SPI), the soldering quality inspection (AOI) or with complex electrical testings (ICT, functional test).  We develop, produce and qualify the necessary electrical testing systems in-house.  Our Test Development Department accompanies the „Design for Test“ during development, independently generates testing strategies or implements our customers‘ test specifications one by one.  As a result we can make full use of the possible testing coverage and optimise expenses in order to guarantee the quality of your products.

Quality Assurance Agreements

Quality Assurance Agreements regulate the responsibilities within the delivery chain and make the achieved level of safety transparent.  Concluding corresponding agreements is part of our operations.  We comply with our commitments.


CertificatesOur quality and environmental management ís audited on a regular basis by the German Association for Quality Assurance (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualitätssicherung – DQS) For many years now our system complies with the requirements of ISO TS 16949, DIN EN ISO 13485, DIN EN ISO 9001 as well as DIN EN ISO 14001. This provides our customers with the assurance of being in good hands.


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