New Product Introduction (NPI)

The implementation and verification of series production readiness forms the basis for a successful market launch of your product. Parts lists, work schedules, production tools as well as the necessary testing environments will be built after the final risk assessment of the manufacturing processes; supply parts and suppliers will then be qualified. The first products manufactured under series conditions are generated. Our NPI-team accompanies the products throughout the manufacturing processes and makes sure that these processes run steadily at all times. In parallel, our supply chain management will lay the logistic foundations for the subsequent ramp-up. Having achieved this successfully the documentation of the product will be completed and finalised.

At a Glance

  • Completion of P-FMEA, creation of product documentation for the production
  • Building of the testing environments, verification of measurement systems
  • Pilot series production, assessment of the first serial parts regarding the compliance to requirements applicable to the product as well as the stability of the manufacturing processes
  • Qualification of supply parts and suppliers
  • Implementation of the concept for market introduction (Safe Launch Concept – SLC), material procurement for the ramp-up
  • Coordinating the logistics concept for the serial production
  • Completion of product documentation